News Institute and G7 Sign Agreement

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI) Signed agreement with G7 Trading & Industry PLC to share the benefit of Aloedebrana (Eret) Processed by the Company.

As stated by the agreement, the company expected to pay 80,000 Birr annually for EBI so as to support the local community to supply the raw materials and technological assistance for the proper production, collection and harvesting of Aloedebrana genetic resource.

Dr. Gemedo Dale, Director General of EBI, said on the signing ceremony “When we use the country’s genetic resource, we ought to be certain that we are contributing our share for the sustainability of genetic resource, like what G7 agreed to do for the next 5 years.

Dr. Gemedo also said that the institute expertise have responsibility to ascertain the proper implementation of the agreement as stated on it.

Ato Nuredin Awol, Managing Director of G7, Said that his Company is using Aloedebrana oil for the purpose of softening jute fiber and antibacterial property to jute bags by substituting the imported type of oil.

“We are ready to use Aloedebrana genetic resource in a sustainable manner to achieve the intended purpose and take the necessary measure to ensure the sustainability and not to over exploit it as we have done so far.”  He added

According to Ato Nuredin, G7 PLC needs the institute support for its effort to develop the further usage of Aloedebrana to maximize the revenue of the Company and the country’s share as well.

Release date 21/03/2016
Contributor IT Team EBI

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